SPARC Athlete

SPARC Athlete” memberships are for entry to SPARC for training with various official sport academies and clubs.
This does not include coaching fees.
A child with a SPARC Athlete membership is able to become a member without a parent member.
SPARC Access will be limited to each sport’s weekly schedule and facilities and only under the supervision of a coach.
If a child is already a SPARC member with their family, they do not need a SPARC Athlete membership.

Current list of SPARC Athlete sports are:

  • Football: Football First Academy (Contact David Callow, Mobile: (+230) 54990503. Email:
  • Tennis: ACE Tennis Academy (Contact: Florian Manson, Phone :(+230) 433 9839, Email: )
  • Swimming School (Coming soon)
  • Swimming Academy: (Coming soon)
  • Rugby Club: (Coming soon)


Rs 500 Monthly
  • Joining fee : Rs 1,000