Corporate Packages

Our SPARC corporate memberships provide you with the perfect starting point to keep you fit and healthy.

*Corporate packages are based on a minimum employee agreement. Joining fees are discounted for larger group sign ups.



There’s no doubt that a fitter, healthier workforce brings all kind of benefits to any organisation – especially when you look at what time off costs:

● Healthy people perform better at work.
● Improved fitness builds focus and confidence.
● Staying in shape reduces health problems.
● Regular exercise improves concentration.
● Work out with your colleagues and motivate each other.

On days people exercise:

  • 72% of staff in a survey reported improvements in time management at work
  • 74% said they managed their workload better,
  • and 79% said their mental and interpersonal performance was better.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

If your employees are more active then they work harder and more productively, and also feel happier and more in tune with their colleagues.

It also makes it easier to recruit and retain staff if they have access to Corporate fitness packages and know that you, as an employer care about their well-being.

Whether it’s the gym, swimming or group exercise classes, we have plenty of activities to keep your staff fit and active.

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We can also provide your workplace with:

  • Tours for you employees to learn more about SPARC
  • Team-building group exercise classes/fitness challenges at the club
  • Fast classes/activities for your employees 30min / 45min and 60min options
  • On-site classes
  • Usage figures to track your employee engagement
  • Tailor-made classes
  • Team of SPARC fitness experts on site
  • Health assessments

Contact on 401 6611 or email on

for an initial conversation on how we can help you have a fitter workforce.