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I keep an ‘ideas book’ and I always write my story plans in it. I only type it up when I know exactly how the story ends and what I want to write. Not all writers work in this way – some just start writing and see where it leads them.

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Aboulela’s first novel, The Translator , was published in 1999 and was listed in the New York Times as being one of 100 Notable Books of the Year. According to Aboulela, The Translator’s female protagonist is a “Muslim Jane Eyre,” and Riffat Yusuf of The Muslim News, a digital monthly newspaper based in London, called the novel “the first halal novel written in English”. The Translator is about Samar, a Sudanese widow working as a translator in Scotland who falls in love with Rae, a Scottish academic.

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These are not typical narratives.

Everything that happens to you and the people around you can give you an idea for a story. That’s not to say it’s easy. Thinking up ideas can be very hard work and for me it’s the hardest part of writing a story.